Fuel price hikes difficult but necessary – Pro-NDC group

Fuel_stationMr Sam Atukwei Quaye, the Convener of the Young Democrats, a pro NDC group, has commended government for the difficult but bold decision to increase fuel prices and thereby generate more funds for development.

He said every government would need some revenue to continue the development of the country and those revenues could come through such modest tax increases on its fuel consuming public.

Speaking to the GNA after a social event in Accra, Mr Quaye said for the past two years government has not increased fuel prices on the Ghanaian market though crude oil prices on the international market keeps rising.

He said the governments modest goals of 200 new SHS, ten teacher training colleges for all the ten regions, the youth entrepreneurship project, roads, rails and the desire to meet the expectations of the Ghanaian worker amongst others etc, cannot be attained without some capital injection hence the need for the modest increase.

Mr Quaye said government in spite of its huge expenditure in subsidizing fuel has over the years shouldered and implemented many developmental projects to improve the livelihood of Ghanaians and that currently the introduction of a very extensive public salary structure or wage policy has increased the country’s wage bill from GH¢2.5 billion to GH¢7.5 billion.

“We appeal to all to accept the modest increase as we work together with government to achieve the objectives of the Better Ghana Agenda”, he said, adding that the price of premix fuel has not been affected by the increase and this is a step in the right direction as it would greatly aid the work of our fisher folks.

Mr Quaye called on government to look at the LPG issue again and structure it such that it would benefit the poor and their families rather than the commercial user.

He said government could for instance create fuel pump stations solely for LPG commercial users or drivers such that they could access it at the appropriate commercial rate.

We believe that the Mahama-Amissah-Arthur led government would continue to initiate policies that would inure to the benefit of all Ghanaians and help move the state of the country from a low middle income level to a fully fledged one and they need our support, Mr Quaye said.

Source: GNA

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