Training institutions told to meet labour needs in Ghana’s petro-chemical sector

Oil_mine workersMr Ebow Haizel Furguson, General Secretary of the Oil and Gas Association of Ghana, has urged skills training institutions in Ghana to begin strategizing to meet the labour needs of a possible petro-chemical big business in the Volta Basin.

He said indications were that that Basin would begin brimming with business activities resulting from the exploration, drilling and exportation of oil and gas within the next five years.

Mr Furguson was speaking at the third Graduation ceremony of trainees in Oil and Gas in Ho, under the auspices of ABCONWORLD, a research and training institute based in Ho, in association with some local and international institutions.

Mr Furguson said to have several years of association with the oil and gas business in Nigeria, the youth must be ready to take up the many jobs in fabrication, general construction and others including opportunities in the services areas.

He said gas pipelines, crisscrossing the country, would be needed, which area, would provide thousands of jobs, but only for the skilled hands.

Mr Furguson said the Western Region experience was disappointing, as some foreign companies had taken all the contracts, including pipe laying.

He also expressed concern about the low wages being offered Ghanaians in the emerging oil and gas sector, stressing that oil production in Ghana could affect Ghanaians positively only if governments protected the economic and social rights of Ghanaians.

A total of 18 students, including three women graduated after some five months training in different areas of on and off-shore oil and gas production.

Mr Charles Edem Mifetu, President and Chairman of ABCONWORLD, urged government to support local institutions undertaking training in oil and gas to reduce cost of training.

He urged the graduating students not to limit their job search to Ghanaian markets only, but venture into other countries.

Mr Anthony Akye, Chief Executive officer of Gas Petroleum Technology Limited observed that the knack for safety was a crucial requirement for all workers in the oil and gas sector.

Source: GNA

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  1. francis addae says

    My question goes to these execs and chairman or chairmen, what are they really doing about these high level of unskilled laborers. Everything is government, government, gov’t. When will these companies realize they have to spend, “contribute” .
    My advise is that, gas companies, both old and new should partner with the schools and train the labor force. Give Mahama a break. Ghana Gov’t is tired. Companies should also take the initiatives to enhance the skills of these laborers.

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