Fuel smuggling affecting businesses in Bawku

Fuel_stationA section of the public in Bawku has attributed shortage of fuel in the Municipality to smuggling of the product by some of the fuel stations to neighbouring countries.

The shortage has affected normal business while commercial vehicle drivers are taken advantage of the situation to charge unapproved fares.

Mr Yakubu sulley, a transport owner told the Ghana News Agency that the trend had inconvenienced him because it had short up the prices of goods in the area.

Madam laadi Inusah a chop bar operator in Bawku told the GNA that she could not prepare enough food to sell as a result of the shortage of fuel and this had driven away most of her costumers, making her lose a lot of income.

Alhaji Zakaria Sasabiila, General Manager of Champion fueling station at Pusiga refuted the allegation fuel stations are aiding people to smuggle fuel.

He explained that those who smuggle the product buy it and siphon it out of the country.

Alhaji Sasabilla said pragmatic measures have been put in place to curb the problem

Source: GNA

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