Bawku fuel stations accused of smuggling petroleum products to neighbouring countries

Fuel_stationA section of the public in Bawku in the Upper East Region have accused some fuel stations in the municipality and its environs of smuggling petroleum products to neighboring countries, to the detriment of the general public who find it difficult to meet their daily fuel needs.

Some members who use vehicles and other equipments that consume petrol or diesel cannot operate as a result of acute shortage of fuel in the municipality.

As a result, operators of private transport are compelled to charge unapproved transport fares in the municipality.

This came to light when the Ghana News Agency (GNA) sampled the views of a cross-section of residents in Bawku, due to the escalation of the situation in the area.

Mr. Yakubu Sulley, a transport owner noted that, the issue had caused a lot of problems to most traders who could not afford the high fares, and were in turn compelled to increase the cost of their goods in the market.

He stated that he could not make enough sales to take care of his family and other pressing commitments.

Madam Laadi Inusah, a chop bar operator in Bawku told the GNA that in view of the shortage of fuel and resultant high cost of  foodstuffs, she was unable to run her business regularly and this had driven away most of her costumers  making her to lose income.

However, Alhaji Zakaria Sasabilla, General Manager of Champion fuel station in Pusiga, refuted the allegation of fuel dealers in the area aiding people to smuggle petroleum products out of the country.

He alleged that rather, it was the same car owners who often pretended they were purchasing the fuel for their own use but ended up sending it across the border to sell without the knowledge of the fuel station dealers.

Alhaji Sasabilla told the GNA that pragmatic measures had been put in place to deal with the problem.

Source: GNA

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