New York Times rates Accra fourth best place globally to tour in 2013

MovenpickThe New York Times, one of the most influential newspapers in the United States of America has listed Accra as one of the best places in the world for business and pleasure this year, 2013.

Accra placed fourth out of the forty six (46) places it recommended its readers to visit in 2013 with the first three being Rio de Janerio, followed by Marseille, and Nicaragua.

The widely read newspaper placed Constanita in South Africa and the Republic of Congo as other places to visit on the 23rd and 39th positions respectively.

An article on Travel written in the New York Times by Karen Leigh reads: “Accra, the capital of Ghana has welcomed business travelers for years and now tourists are streaming in, a byproduct of the fact that the country has Africa’s fastest growing economy and is also one of the safest destinations.”

“The Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, with poolside bar and waiters on roller skates, opened in 2011, and the Marriott Accra — the chain’s first sub-Saharan offering — will feature a casino and upscale shopping when it opens in the spring,” it added.

The New York Times continued, “On Accra’s packed beaches, you’ll see everything from snake handlers to plantain peddlers. Head to the upscale neighborhood of Osu and hit the treehouse-inspired terrace at Buka for fine West African food. The best Ghanaian adventures start with a giant plate of tomato-smothered tilapia and banku — a fermented yeast paste that’s tastier than it sounds — washed down with local Star beer.”

The New York Times published in New York City since 1851 has won 106 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any news organization.

Source: GNA

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    Interesting enough clean DIRTY CITY with trash all over the place and food being flaunt by flies

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