Volta CPP calls for electoral reforms

cppThe Volta Regional Secretariat of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP) and its 21 parliamentary candidates have added their voices to the need for credible electoral reforms that would safeguard public investment into processes leading to elections.

They called on the Electoral Commission and its allies to insulate themselves from influences, coercion and intimidation and remain neutral in the discharge of their Constitutional mandates.

Mrs Jemima Exonam Lorenz, spokeswoman for the group and candidate for Kpando Constituency, said this at a press conference on Wednesday at Ho.

She said although the December 7 peaceful, it was far from free and fair as portrayed by the various bodies that monitored the election.

Mrs Lorenz said the conduct of the incumbent was an affront to the multiparty democratic credentials of the country which is fast becoming the beacon of hope for African.

She alleged that hair dryers, sewing machines, roofing sheets, outboard motors, fishing nets, cutlasses, solar lights and laptops were strategically distributed less than 24 hours to the elections and this could be described as acts of inducement.

“If Ghana will continue to maintain its democratic credentials, then the boundaries of the incumbent in relation to election, campaign and use of government machinery should be well-defined,” Mrs Lorenz said.

Source: GNA

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