Livestock sellers enjoy “Christmas prices” in Wa

CattleLivestock sellers in Wa are taking advantage of the festive season to sell their animals at prices they describe as “Christmas prices” to buyers.

When the Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the livestock market in Wa on Monday to assess the prices ahead of the Christmas celebration on Tuesday, it was found that the price for a sheep was being sold between GH¢250.00 to GH¢320.00 above the previous price of between GH¢120 and GH¢ 200 depending on the size.

The price of a goat is now sold at between GH¢70.00 and GH¢150, instead of between GH¢50 and GH¢90 while a fowl is being sold between GH¢15.00 and GH¢25.00 instead of between GH¢12 and GH¢20.

The price of guinea fowl was going for between GH¢15.00 and GH¢17.00 above the previous price of GH¢12 and GH¢15 depending on the size.

Mr Imoro Dipkong, a sheep and goat seller, said charging the “Christmas prices” was usually not from the sellers and shifted the blame on livestock keepers.

He said the livestock keepers usually increase prices anytime a particular festive season approaches leaving the sellers with no choice than to also increase in order not to run at a loss.

He said the current prices would reduce after the Christmas and New Year festive seasons but was quick to add that it would also depend marginally on the demand and significantly on increase in prices of goods and services by government.

Mr Imoro said the demand for livestock meat was high this year as compared to last year but could not tell what might have actually triggered the high demand.

Checks conducted by the GNA at the place where young adults slaughter and prepare the animals for the buyers to carry home confirmed that there was high patronage.

Mr Hamza Issahaku, one of the young guys told the GNA that they usually charge GH¢4.00 per each animal they prepare on normal days but due to pressure on them as a result of the increase in demand, they were charging GH¢5.00 per each animal prepared.

Madam Cynthia Dordan, who also spoke to the GNA at the market, said if prices of these animals were kept normal the demand would have even been higher than what the sellers were getting on festive seasons.

She said because of the so called “Christmas prices”, some people now buy their animals months before Christmas to avoid the price hikes during Christmas.

Source: GNA

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