Bosomtwe Assembly cedes property rate collection to private firm

cediThe Bosomtwe District Assembly has resolved to cede its collection of property rate to a private collector to bring more efficiency and improve performance.

This was at its third ordinary meeting held at Kuntanase.

The decision comes on the heels of the successful completion of a re-valuation, of residential properties in the major communities.

Mr Edward Nti-Berko, the District Chief Executive (DCE), complained about the poor performance of the Assembly’s revenue collectors and said it could not be “business as usual” if they were to achieve set targets and make significant headway in efforts at transforming the lives of the people.

The expectation was that the Finance and Administration Sub-Committee would come up with strategies to tackle the revenue shortfalls.

The DCE underlined the need to widen its tax net to rake in enough revenue to fund its development programmes.

That must be backed by extensive public education to help the people to pay their rates and levies.

Mr Nti-Berko pleaded with the members to put the general elections behind them and pull together to add some pace to the development of the area.

“Yes, we may be peeved, heckled and sometimes even insulted and humiliated all in the name of politics, but the time has come after the elections for members to galvanize all their energies towards the development of our communities.”

Mr Joseph Kwaku Assumin, the Presiding Member, said they should put the progress of the district ahead of all other considerations.

Source: GNA

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