Poor road network slows down business in Bunkpurugu

untarred roadBunkpurugu-Yunyoo District Branch of Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and Gbeduri Vegetable Farmers Co-operative Society Limited (GFCSL), have appealed to the Government to improve on roads in the area to promote business.

The two bodies said roads in the district are in a very deplorable condition and calls for immediate attention.

Mr John Biaka, local Chairman of the GPRTU told Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Tamale that the district is losing substantial financial resources due to the slowdown of economic activities because of the poor road network, adding that the area, which borders Togo could benefit from business activities with Togo.

The GPRTU established in 1986 had teamed up with GFCSL to advocate solutions to the myriad of problems confronting the district.

He said the two associations with membership of more than 500 are affected by the poor road network in the district.

Mr Assani Suleman Moses Tampuri, Service Provider of Business Sector Advocacy Fund (BUSAC) told the GNA that reliable and effective road transportation system is needed to boost economic progress of the district.

He said BUSAC aims at influencing policy holders to create an enabling environment for the transport sector and other economic ventures to thrive.

Mr Assani urged government to be committed to support the development of the roads and transport sector to facilitate the supply of raw materials and the growth of the private businesses.

Source: GNA

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