Ghana Parliament rejects President’s request to review remuneration

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

Ghana’s Parliament has turned down the request by President John Dramani Mahama to review the emoluments of the House recently approved for the executive arm of government.

A source told the GNA after a closed sitting of the legislature on Thursday that the House could not accede to the President’s request because it was not under the ambit of the Parliament to carry out such review.

The source said the Presidency would be informed of the decision of the House in due course.

President Mahama, after Parliament authorized a substantial pay hike for the Executive, ordered the Finance and Economic Planning Ministry to halt payment of the approved emolument and asked the Legislature to review the remuneration.

Parliament in a closed sitting on Wednesday, October 31, approved a monthly consolidated pay of GH¢12,000 for the President, GH¢10,500 for Vice President and between GH¢9,000 and GH¢8,000 for Ministers and their deputies.

This attracted public outcry, with notable institutions questioning the rationale for such an increase, especially when it would be drawn from the Consolidated Fund, leading to the President urging a review of that decision.

Constitutionally, the emoluments and salaries of the Executive are approved by the Legislature and those of the Legislature have to be endorsed by the Executive.

Source: GNA

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  1. Augustine Asukanyogi says

    I wonder if Ghana has such amount and our roads are in such a deplorable state. Why is it that African leaders are so selfish especially Ghanaian leaders? How rich do you want to be (Ghanaian leaders)? For your selfishness, Ghana would have been like those developed countries for which every little thing or holidays you leave your own country to go and spend your luxury moments. I Know His Excellency, the president would insist on his decision and not to consider the fact that his Government would be sabotaged by the legislature(parliamentarians). Anyone offended by this message should learn to face the fact and not provoked.

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