DVLA must get rid of middle men – PROTOA

trotroThe national chairman of progressive the Transport Owners Association-Ghana (PROTOA), Mr Ben Peprah has called on the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) to get rid of middlemen who facilitate the provision of fake driving documents to unsuspecting drivers.

Mr Peprah who was guest speaker at an Auto Loan and Road Safety forum at Teachers Hall in Accra at the weekend said to avoid crisis, the DVLA should assist vehicle operators to obtain genuine driving documents.

The forum organized by the Progressive Transport Owners Association was attended by over 200 drivers and officials from the National Road Safety Commission, Driver Vehicle and Licensing Athourity, and the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit among other organisations.

“As professional drivers and vehicle owners, let us abide by the rules of the Association whenever partners like NRSC, the WWBG auto-loan, the DVLA and the MTTU call 0n us to attend training sessions or forum because the benefits will assist us to improve  and maximize our income in the work we do”, Mr Peprah advised.

He  also appealed to the police MTTU  to assist drivers in doing the right thing, saying that their presence at road check points often served as a disciplinary booster as it kept drivers on their toes.

Mr Abraham Tetteh from DVLA urged drivers to approach the DVLA offices alone for genuine licenses and other vehicle maintenance assistance.

He also advised that they check and buy specific car oils and parts as instructed  by manufacturers in the car manual.

“Do not leave your cars with vulganizers when you go for car maintanance.” Mr Tetteh cautioned.

Mr Rudolf  Beckly of the Greater Accra branch of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) called on  drivers to observe the law that states that after every 4 hours drive, they should rest for about 30 minutes to reduce fatigue and guarantee safety on our roads, especially during the impending festive season.

“Do not exceed speed limits, especially on highways as the speed that thrills is the speed that kills.” Mr Beckly advised.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) A. S. Obeng, a training officer at MTTU noted that the police from the year 2013, will be giving tickets to drivers who are arrested for overspeeding, over charging, not wearing seat belts, expired insurance and road worthy, to pay a spot fine at specified banks.

He said this will help improve sanity on the roads and curb corruption.

Mr Osei Yaw Akoto of  Women World Bank Ghana (WWBG) appealed to drivers to take care of their vehicles just as they took care of themselves, “for cars are investments.”

He said that the WWBG will, from June 2013, release 130 cars worth GH¢5 million to PROTOA drivers with a free micro insurance without premium for those who had a minimum amount of GH¢100 or more in their WWBG accounts.

Source: GNA

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