Ghana revises HIV/AIDS workplace policy

AIDS CommissionThe Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) has launched the revised National HIV and AIDS workplace Policy to provide broad guidelines to direct the formulation and implementation of workplace HIV and AIDS policies and programmes in Accra.

The policy is to provide protection from all forms of stigma and discrimination in the workplace to people with real or perceived HIV infection.

Dr Angela El-Adas, Director-General of GAC, speaking at the end of year media engagement said it was to prevent the spread of HIV amongst workers and their families and dependants.

She said it would also provide access to treatment, care and support for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

She commended the media for their partnership in their advocacy to educate the public on the dangers of the disease.

The Director-General called on the media to forge partnerships with the commission and support them to achieve the overall goal of zero HIV society.

Dr El-Adas said the commission has a comfortable budget for the 2013 to implement their strategic plan for the first quarter of the year.

She said in the coming year the commission would pursue partnership with the private sector and corporate institutions to support in their operations.

She noted that nobody’s HIV status must be disclosed at the workplace without their knowledge.

Mr Ransford Tetteh, President of the Ghana Journalist Association, called on the media to continue to support the commission to disseminate information on the disease.

He urged journalist to participate in workshops organized by the commission to build their capacity on issues related to HIV and AIDS.

He said journalists should focus on developmental issues that would enhance the improvement on the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian.

He called on the media to challenge policy makers to formulate the right policy that would improve quality health care delivery.

Source: GNA

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