Taxi drivers accuse MTTU of selective enforcement of traffic offences

taxiSome taxi drivers in the Ho Municipality Friday called on the Police authorities to check “double standards” by personnel of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) in the municipality.

The taxi drivers alleged that MTTU personnel tended to be soft towards drivers of taxis belonging to police personnel who flout traffic regulations.

They said most taxis with defective parts and without valid documents which belonged to police personnel in town were never stopped by the MTTU personnel.

Even if drivers of such vehicles are arrested they are released immediately the drivers call their “Police Officer masters” who would in turn call their colleagues to have those drivers and vehicles released.

They alleged that drivers of taxis belonging to police personnel jump traffic lights with impunity, did not observe traffic regulations and were disrespectful.

“Drivers of taxis belonging to Police officers misbehave and boast that they will never be arrested even if arrested they will be released instantly”, one of them said.

A taxi driver alleged that last year he and several of his colleagues were arrested for various traffic offences but those driving taxis belonging to Police officers were released while the rest of them were detained.

He said the selective justice being exhibited by the Police officers was very irritating as it encouraged lawlessness on the road.

Source: GNA

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