UN honours indigenous agro-business Ghanaian firm

An integrated organic agro-business, Building Business on Values, Integrity and Dignity (B-BOVID), has received the Social Investment Pioneer Award for its sterling performance and contribution to the growth of local community.

Some nine other companies also received onours from The Social Investment Pioneer Awards, which is an initiative of the Principles for Social Investment Secretariat and the United Nations Global Compact at Melbourne in Australia.

Mr. Issa Ouedraogo, founder and Chief Executive Officer of B-BOVID, announced on Wednesday at Takoradi.

Speaking to the press, he said the global recognition the company had received would help strengthen its engagement with others and create interest in Ghana and in West Africa about socially inclusive business.

Mr. Ouedraogo said the B-BOVID would encourage other companies to work in more responsive and inclusive manner.

He said “Everybody at B-BOVID is delighted at this recognition as it endorses our approach of using power of business to achieve social, environmental and profitable financial returns.”
Mr. Quedraogo said the company’s sustainable business models were show cased at the 15th International Business Forum held in Pretoria, South Africa in October.

He said he hoped to promote sustainable agriculture and lifestyle as a way forward in the Western Region for sustainable economic development and as an alternative option for youth and farmers who cannot easily work or benefit from the oil and gas sector.

Mr. Quedraogo urged government  agencies, donors and companies operating in the Region to come together to find ways to contribute to achieving this objective because this will not just help communities but also the companies by creating jobs, wealth and ensuring food security and peace for all.

The B-BOVID is an integrated organic agro-business which promotes a new model of socially inclusive commercial farming combining innovative agricultural practices, ecological farming and social entrepreneurship to deliver high quality organic products.

Mr. Quedraogo said the company also works to conserve the environment through sustainable lifestyles, job creation and poverty reduction in rural communities by providing training and support to local farmers as well as sharing its profit with small-scale farmers.

The B-BOVID’s also operates on the values of improving people, the planet and profits (PPP), he said.

Source: GNA

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