Togo-based West African group congratulates Ghana

A group of Togo-based West African nationals has congratulated the people of Ghana for chalking yet another democratic feat, going through another election successfully.

The group which called at the Ghana News Agency (GNA) office at Aflao on Monday, noted that by this feat, Ghana remained the beacon of hope and reference point for many West African and African countries.

Mr Peter Chukueme, a Nigerian, led the 10-member group, “Loose Group of Businessmen,”  whichcomprising, Cameroonians, Nigeriens, Nigerians, Ivoirians, and Beninese.

He said despite its size and population, Ghana had been a star since its pre-independence era to the present, “through the collective will of its people for excellence”.

Mr Chukueme said but for Ghana’s example as “a peace citadel and shock absorber in the sub-region,” political conflicts in the region would have lingered on as was happening in the Great Lakes region and other parts of the continent.

“We congratulate Ghanaians and celebrate with them for yet another peaceful election, the positive benefits of which goes beyond Ghana by way of peace, free business environment and the rule of law,” he said.

Mr Chukueme noted that it was not for nothing that Ghana played a lead role in many fields on the continent, urging the country to remain the conduit to pass on positive happenings to other countries.

“We marvel at how Ghana achieves success even in most difficult situations, far more complex than issues that tear other countries apart,” he stated.

Mr Chukueme urged other African countries to pursue peace and progress, along the lines chosen by Ghana, which was positively reflecting in business activities across its borders.

Meanwhile, victory celebrations by National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters in Aflao and its environs have eased, and business activities are picking up.

NDC paraphernalia however remain on display and singing of campaign songs and chanting of party slogans is continuing.

Source: GNA

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