No clear winner yet in Ghana’s Presidential election

Polling Officials counting ballots.

It’s been 24 hours after Ghana’s 2012 general elections, but as certified results trickle in from the 26,000 polling centres of the 275 constituencies there is no clear winner in the Presidential poll which is obviously between the incumbent President John Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The other six presidential contestants are not making significant showings in the elections.

The voting patterns haven’t changed dramatically, as the two parties made strong showings in their traditional strongholds.

As a result of the malfunctioning of some of the biometric verification machines, voting has been rescheduled in some polling centres for today, Saturday December 8, 2102.

Meanwhile, in the Parliamentary polls, winners and losers are emerging. Some incumbents have lost their seats – but the full picture will show after the final results have been declared by the Electoral Commission (EC) in a few days after today’s voting.

The elections have been held peacefully on the whole, with no major incidents of violence.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

  1. Parviz says

    Well done, Ghana, you are an example not just to Africa but to the entire world.

  2. Bravo Ghana hope we vote a good vote to determine our future.

  3. Anonymous says

    Ghana is a beacon of hope for Africa’s democracy ,i hope other countries would follow Ghana’s example and stop the shameful bloodshed during elections, Africans ,you are capable!

  4. Anonymous says

    Congrats so far 2 u Ghana! No doubt,U wil very soon graciously overcome 2 a reasonabl extent,d “black politics” of most contemporary African politicians.Nigeria culd learn 4rm d more proximate Ghana than U.S.ACongrats so far 2 u Ghana! No doubt,U wil very soon graciously overcome 2 a reasonabl extent,d “black politics” of most contemporary African politicians.Nigeria culd learn 4rm d more proximate Ghana than U.S.A

  5. AGENDA says

    Ghanaians are really responsible and more enlightened,may ALLAH shower His numerous blessings upon our nation Ghana.remember it is better to JOY JOY than to WAR WAR.

  6. Myiesha says

    In my personal opinion Ghana need a to replace their EC. It is sad that in 2012 you would have elections on one day and the next there is no results. NDC as well as Ghana Know that Nana is the winner of this election! I am tired of NDC and their propaganda and schemes. The results of this election should have been posted hours ago. The battery issue should have been noticed or taken care of long before elections. NPP I am praying and watching and I am telling America what is going on. My heart goes out to such a Great Nation with good resources to be able to help themselves grow. My message to NPP and Ghana. I am proud of you and how the world look at you as such a humble and peaceful nation. I know it is nice to be humble but when it is time to fight you must stand and fight. NPP it is time fight do not stop and give up you are the clear winners. Love you all! Ms. Myiesha

  7. Obi Raphael says

    God bless great Ghana

  8. political nose says

    I am not sure what Myiesha is rambling about. What has the delay in release of results got to do with NDC? The EC is an independent organisation. How can you pronounce victory for NPP when more than 50% of the results are still not in

  9. Enter your name...guisiwe yola says

    Ghana bravo.Just ensure that there is peace.cheers.

  10. Li Mu Bai says

    This article is too general. It would have been better if some facts were provided to support some statments. For example, the statement “Meanwhile, in the Parliamentary polls, winners and losers are emerging. Some incumbents have lost their seats” should have been accomapnied with some names of the incumbent that have lost the elections.

  11. emma says

    Li, you are right.

    And the point of the article is to give a general feel of the situation. The Electoral Commission has not released the final results, it has also not declared any winner yet. All the results as they are being published now are from news organisations and since we don’t have the capacity to verify all these results from 26,000 polling centres of the 275 Constituencies, we would rather not put any figures out.

  12. emma says

    am proud to be a ghanian.ghana u have shown your power.

  13. Enter your name... says

    God bless Ghana.

  14. Enter your name... says

    The 2012 election is peaceful just that people are just creating unnecessary tension but i know for sure that we go through without any problem.

  15. Btwe isaac says

    I wise all NDC people that NDC will st…be the winner for Ghana.

  16. Percival says

    I am a Caribbean person living in England for a long time. I visited Ghana for the first time three weeks ago and I was made to feel very welcome. I love the people and the country. I wish Ghana well in its economic development and may the election results help such development.

  17. Enter your name... says

    NPP needs to be on his feet because the NDC is trying to cheat.

  18. Kablan says

    I say thank you to all ghanaians for showing democratic maturity

  19. Sir Sama says

    All will be done by wednesday, i hope so.

  20. asamoam says

    Wether is NPP or NDC anyone who will win is ok , we just
    Need improvement in our beloved country. Peace to Ghana and to

  21. Boakye says

    Ablekumaman pliz let there be peace. PEACE

  22. zaix says

    God see us through n we want improvement in the EC processes in the future

  23. Kwadjo kumi says

    If Ghanaians are able to kick out mahama, then ghanaians are rational in a way that they can kick out any irresponsible govt away.

  24. Sadik says

    Thank you all Ghanaian ‘s for a peaceful election and i thank Allah for this

  25. Joe lalas says

    Wow am amazed,God loves Ghana,our prayers have been answers,Glory be unto the creator,God first.

  26. Enter your name... says

    I pray that the Prince of Peace, even the LORD YESHUA, cause His peace that transcends all understanding to keep this country now and evermore. Amen.

  27. Alice says

    Ghanaians, please be careful.
    I m an ivorian who leaved in Ghana for many years and i have been so blessed through Ghana, I m greatful to God for this nation.
    Please your nation is growing , every multinational company which want to establish in Africa is pointing Ghana as the adequate destination .
    Remember what happened in Ivory Coast and don’t make the same mistake. Election are not the end and i don’t undestand why these NPP people are so arrongante !!! Please let preach peace and not violence and take the chance that God is giving to Ghana. Remember you have Oil and Gas. These should not be a curse but a blessing for your nation. If NPP continue being arrogance the same people who put war in Ivory coast will organise and motivate NPP for war so they can come in steal your ressources.
    Remember Lybia ,Syria etc understand that those killers can come and manupulate NPP to create problem in Ghana. We don’t need to be presendent to help people.So NPP cool down and wait for EC results.
    May God reachly bless Ghana.

  28. felicity says

    i thank God for every thing but waiting to hear the winner in this election

  29. bismark says

    Ghanaians cant us see, dont us lik free education .so why ar we doin dat

  30. Anonymous says

    The hallmark of credible election i s peaceful conduct and Ghananians has demonstrated this reasonably. Who will emerge whether NPP or NDC is a product of free nd fair election. May God bless Ghana!

  31. arinze says

    well i am a nigerian but i have aghanian wife and still living in ghana.i love this coiuntry,because it s more peaceful than nigeria my country.i want any president in power whether npp or ndc but let them think about the ghanian cedis is getting poor every day by day.i think they need a change in terms of ghanian cedis is really bad in exchange please.

  32. nana abena says

    i want npp government to be in power and also thank god for a peacefull election

  33. felicity says

    oh ghana so ghana is still going to face poverty what a gagantua party my fellow npp supporters dont worry god will make a way

  34. Proud of Ghana says

    Ghana is an example to neighboring west African countries around her. We will be proud of you to set this peaceful election of 2012. Ghana is a bless nation, and Africa peaceful nation. Stand strong and proud of this country. i am Liberian , lived in Ghana for the past nine years and have not been trouble, but just peace. Ghana had been a great help to some war African nation, in term of peace, hosting , volunteering contribution with love . The Ghanaian are good people. Technology is growing rapidly here and like the improvement of education. so please we the foreigner in your country always be proud to live here as long there is peace. Ghana is just one with a great history behind it , that some African countries are studying the history of Ghana in School. we love Ghana, one people , one love as united we stand and divided we fall. So Ghana please hold on to your integrity and still be the mother of other nation to follow your footsteps. Glory be to God for Ghana. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Chris Naden says

    I am British but grew up in the Northern Region, in Mamprusi territory. I remember well the joy and pride of 1992. God bless our homeland, Ghana: be it through Mr. Mahama or Mr. Addo.

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