IOM launches new website to engage Ghanaian diaspora effectively

The Ghana office of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), a UN agency, on December 4, 2012 launched a new website which to engage Ghanaians in the diaspora in a more effective manner.

The website,, was launched in coordination with the Government of Ghana and will be “dedicated to creating links between Ghana’s three million-strong diaspora and the country’s development,” the IOM said in a statement.

“The goal of the new site, which is part of an IOM Development Fund-financed project – Linking the Ghanaian Diaspora to Development –  is to act as a one-stop shop for all diaspora-related information and to respond to queries from the diaspora,” said IOM Ghana Chief of Mission Dyane Epstein.

The site launch is said to have coincided with the launch of a Diaspora Support Unit based at Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The UN agency said the users can contact the unit through the website and sign up for a quarterly newsletter. The first issue will be released in December this year.

The IOM said it is working with the various Ghanaian government agencies to ensure a comprehensive and multi-sectoral approach to diaspora engagement.

By Ekow Quandzie

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