University of Education graduates 3,759 students

The Education Minister Mr Lee Ocran has reiterated government’s commitment to pursue education development as the core of its development strategy towards poverty alleviation and improvement in living condition.

He said the strategic direction of government’s education delivery was focused on critical areas such as equity and access, educational management and science technology and technical vocation education and training.

He said these in an address read for him at the 17th congregation of the University of Education, Winneba on Saturday during which 3,759 students graduated and awarded with degrees, diplomas and certificates.

The Minister acknowledged the supportive role of the UEW as a viable partner to effectively and efficiently implement the aforementioned as the country seeks to attain the Millennium Development Goals especially that of providing equal and full access to quality primary and secondary education for all by the year 2015.

He said the government was progressively taking steps to solve most of the problems regarding provision of educational infrastructure, staff development and motivation.

The Minister said in the light of the challenges facing teaching and learning in recent times, the UEW was being encouraged to lead the crusade of coming out with new theories in education.

He said, “Most of the pertinent traditional theories of education have outlived their usefulness to some extent as a result of the changing values, cultures and technology.”

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw, expressed concern that a large number of teachers trained by the University had not been employed while there were many classrooms without teachers.

He said UEW since its inception in 1992 to-date had turned out 70,273 graduates.

He said with assistance from the Ghana Education Trust Find (GETFund) and other areas, the University had expanded infrastructure at its campuses to enhance academic work.

The Vice Chancellor said that “as a young graduate, you’re bound to make errors, but you should learn from the errors, that you commit”. He added that too many errors would destroy their confidence and the confidence others have in them.

Source: GNA

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