Ghana election 2012 warning: Minors should not vote!

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You may have registered as a voter, but if your age is below 18 years, do not vote because under-age voting is illegal and you can be arrested and prosecuted.

Parents, please stop your children from voting if they are below 18. Any person under 18 years who votes may be arrested and prosecuted.

This message is an initiative of the Editors Forum, Ghana, in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education, the Electoral Commission of Ghana and Ghana Business News.

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4 thoughts on “Ghana election 2012 warning: Minors should not vote!


    This will be a healthy exercise if it will be ensured that minors do not vote. But in Ghana wrong things are sometimes done with impunity while institutions responsible look on. How are we sure that this very warning will be adhered to and the institutions responsible will make arrest of offenders and prosecute them.

  2. Anonymous

    many minor have registered in Ghana. the only way t stop them is to ask for their birth certificate.

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