Argentina prepares UN lawsuit against Ghana over seized ship – Report

Ghana might be finding herself in an international law battle with Argentina over the seizure of a naval vessel owned by the South American nation.

Reports say Argentina will be seeking for an order from the Hamburg-based International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea for the release of a naval training ship, ARA Libertad,which has been detained in Ghana.

In Buenos Aires, Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman told reporters that Ghana has up till November 13, 2012 to release the ship

“…Tuesday, November 13, all the deadlines expire for Ghana’s government to lift the embargo, recognizing the Convention on the Law of the Sea,” Reuters quoted Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman as saying on November 12, 2012

According to Reuters, Mr Timerman said if Ghana did not release the ship, Argentina would be able to take its case to the Hamburg-based International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea the following day.

“The ministry’s legal representatives are already in that city to initiate these legal actions,” Timerman said.

The Libertad was detained in Ghana following a court order sought by NML Capital Ltd, a subsidiary of US hedge fund, Elliott Management, after the Latin American nation failed to pay its 2002 debt.

A Ghana court on October 11, 2012 refused to free the Argentine warship. The judge that sat on the case said Argentina had waived immunity as part of its loan deal.

By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. BritBob says

    I shouldn’t worry too much as Argentina has numerous trade disputes running around the World, is the World’s top protectionist country and is regarded as a pariah state by some international money lenders. They are quick to cry foul but seldom play by the rules. Argentina needs to settle their debt obligations.

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