President Obama outlines vision for second term

US President Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama said a second term for him was a term for research into new sources of energy, medical breakthrough and social security among others.

He mentioned the creation of over five million jobs, ending of the war in the Middle East, Iraq and the killing of Osama among others as some of his achievements in the first term and added that there was now time for “Nation Building” by the American people.

The US President was speaking at a rally at the Delta Centre in Milwauke-Wisconsin to appeal to voters to give him a second term to continue his vision of adding to the development prospects of America.

The Delta Centre rally saw thousands of supporters including a 98 year-old woman yesterday congregating to declare their commitment at giving the Obama-led administration another four-year term.

The teaming cloud chanted as Obama took the podium: “Four more years” and cheered him with claps and paper card reading “Forward”.

President Obama entreated the citizenry of Milwuake-Wisconsin to make the right choice between the different visions presented by his party and the Republican Party, adding “Your choice, mind you is for now and future”.

He said real change should reflect in education, health, politics, lives of the middle-class, saying “I know what real change is”.

He mentioned that Democracy works best when every individual had a say in the process, adding women would be empowered to take control of matters relating to women’s health.

President Obama said, “Change is an America that’s home to the next generation of manufacturing and innovation. I’m not the candidate who said we should ‘let Detroit go bankrupt,’ I’m the president who bet on American workers and American ingenuity.”

“Now I want a tax code that stops rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas, and starts rewarding companies that create jobs here; one that stops subsidizing oil company profits, and keeps supporting clean energy jobs and technology that will cut our oil imports in half.”

Senator Herb Kohl, Wisconsin alluded to the achievements of Obama in terms of training and retraining of young men, employment, security, education, economic growth and education adding, “I know that you are going to do the right thing and get him re-elected on Tuesday”.

Ms. Tammy Baldwin a Congresswoman said, “Romney and Ryan have no plans to move the country forward, they will only turn the clock backward.”

Ms Felisia Martin, a Neigbhourhood team leader praised Obama for his strong and decisive leadership that had advanced the course of the American People.

The state of Wisconsin has been declared a battleground in the US election, hence critical importance to both candidates because it is a decider for who goes into the White House.

Source: GNA

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