Ghana Highway Authority cautions public on unauthorised construction along George Bush Motorway

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA)  has expressed concern about the rate at which property owners are rebuilding structures that were removed for the construction of the George Walker Bush Motorway.

In a statement signed by the Chief Director of GHA and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Thursday, it indicated that the developers had no right to carry out those works within the right of way (ROW) of the Motorway since they were duly compensated.

The statement said the ROW of the George Walker Bush Motorway was 90 metres and the GHA had erected pillars painted red and white with inscription “GHA ROW” to demarcate the boundaries of the corridor of the Motorway.

“The GHA wishes to stress that no development, whether permanent or temporary, was allowed within the 90-metre road corridor defined by these pillars. Any structure developed within this corridor risks being demolished by the Authority”, it said.

The statement advised developers who intend to develop properties on lands adjoining any of the trunk roads in the country, to consult the Chief Executive of the GHA or the respective Regional Highway directors in the ten regions on the extent of the right of way for the road.

This would prevent the unfortunate demolition of properties during road construction projects and the challenges that this brings to affected property owners and the Authority, it added.

It urged property developers and the general public to cooperate with the GHA on the issue concerning development along the highways.

Source: GNA

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