CLOSAG’s strike slows government business in Ho

Government business has virtually come to a standstill in Ho two days into a sit-down strike declared by the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOSAG).

All offices on the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) were closed on Thursday except the Regional Office of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), where the Regional Officer and some staff were seen working.

Though the main gate to the VRCC yard was opened, security-men were also not around when the GNA visited the area at 1430 hours.

Goats and fowls were seen wandering around the National Service Scheme offices on the ground floor of the VRCC old block.

Individuals and institutions who visited the Volta Regional Coordinating Council (VRCC) to transact business expressed frustration of their inability to do so.

An Electrical Contractor who spoke to the GNA said the strike was a big setback for government and wondered why arrangements had not been made to keep a skeletal staff at post.

Meanwhile, some civil servants at midday walked to the office of the GNA to express anger and disgust at the alleged “huge” salaries of members of the Legislature and Executive.

They said it was unbelievable that government said there was no money to pay living wages to workers but could get that much to pay themselves.

“The disparity is too huge. TUC must wake up,” an Administrative Secretary in one of the decentralized departments said.”

Source: GNA

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