Catholic University Vice-Chancellor lauds political debate on education

Professor James Hawkins Ephraim, Vice Chancellor, Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG), on Saturday lauded the premium placed on education by politicians campaigning for the mandate of Ghanaians in the election 2012.

He said “investing in the right kind of education is considered a major vehicle for national development”, hence “some of us are very excited about the prominence given to education as the nation prepares for elections on December 7, 2012”.

Prof. Ephraim, who was addressing a joint seventh congregation and 15th matriculation of CUCG at Fiapre near Sunyani, however, stated that experts in education had cautioned the nation not to make education a “political football”.

The Vice Chancellor said “the pragmatic approach to the issue is for the country to decide on acceptable levels pertaining to access, quality and finance”.

He therefore proposed that Ghanaians asked the aspiring leaders of the nation the same questions “so that from their answers, the nation shall enhance her chances of finding the most suitable solution to our problems”.

Prof. Ephraim reiterated the CUCG remained committed to contributing her quota to the development of the country through the courses being offered as well as the provision of education and training “which enables the students to blend the acquired knowledge with their faith”..

The University graduated 57 students who had fulfilled all the stipulated requirements of the institution whilst it admitted 789 students to undertake various courses, increasing the current student population to 4,097.

The graduates successfully pursued Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in courses such as Public Health Management, Public Health Informatics, Public Health Education, Economics, Management, Computer Science, Banking and Finance, Mathematics with Finance and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religious Studies.


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