Africa needs skill-minded managers to make businesses successful – Kojo Yankah

Mr Kojo Yankah, West Africa Area Developer for Crestcom International said on Monday that Africa needs results-oriented and skill-minded managers to develop and manage businesses and make them successful.

He said Africa was well equipped with intellectuals to handle businesses but it was important to train them to acquire the needed skills that would help transform their businesses to make them attractive.

“When it comes to intellectuals, Africa has them in abundance but with people with the right skills to manage business successfully we are way behind”, Mr Yankah stated in Accra.

Introducing Crestcom International’s Bullet Proof Manager Training Program to stakeholders, including Chief Executive Officers, Human Resource Directors, and Managers, Mr Yankah explained that the programme provided opportunities for managers to exchange ideas.

He noted that in order to manage resources well it was important to give managers the desirable skills, saying managing a company was not that easy since it was associated with appropriate skills that would make it successful.

Mr Yankah said since the training begun, it had had remarkable successes by making a difference in the career development of hundreds of managers in both the public and private sector.

He said the programme had also attracted participants from the banking and non-banking financial organizations found in manufacturing, hospitality and oil industries.

Mr Charles Parsons, Vice President, Business Development for Africa, said Crestcom International was globally represented in more than 50 countries and the Bullet Proof Manager Training was translated in 25 international languages.

He said the programme had helped in transforming the way businesses were done all over the world, adding that over the past 20 years more than 66 per cent of most admired companies had participated in the training as well as other firms of all sizes and fields from around the world.

Mr Parsons said the 12 months training dealt with broad-based management and leadership training and gave managers the full potential to transform lives, serve clients appropriately, and increase retention.

He said the training focused on sales, recruiting, customer service, and management skills development and it was a unique combination of live and video instruction, which emphasized on involvement, participatory teamwork and leadership development.

“Following the training sessions, participants return to work, and are encouraged to integrate what they had learnt with their business objectives, and application methodology, ensuring and driving real results through their companies,” he added.

Source: GNA

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