Unemployed youth told to aim at self employment

Professor Samuel Lartey, Consultant, Magnate Technology and Services Limited has urged the youth not to rely solely on their academic qualifications in their search for employment.

“Sometimes, your success also depends on your ability to look beyond being employed by someone or an organisation and being innovative,” he explained.

Prof Lartey made this known in Accra n Friday, as the guest of honour at a two-day workshop on Youth and Unemployment, organised by the Yes, Jesus is Lord Evangelical Team (YEJILET), an NGO on the theme: “Challenges of Unemployed Graduates, The Way Forward.”

He said: “There is no doubt about the fact that academic qualifications are very important. It is however very important that you make use of your talents and skills, which could also earn you a living.”

Prof Lartey said the high unemployment rate in the country, was because of a disconnect between the actual demands on the job market and the skills available to fill in those demands.

He asked the youth who seek employment in vain not to be discouraged because there are many unexplored areas of need within the society, which holds potential for job creation.

“The lack of a certificate or bad grades does not necessarily mean you cannot make it. What counts is your ability to identify yourself; Your strengths.”

Prof Lartey encouraged the youth not to be discouraged because they lack financial support, adding

“Your passion and determination to succeed at whatever you do, is basically what you need”.

Mr Patrick Washington, Director of YEJILET, said unemployment greatly contributed to crime such as armed robbery and fraud.

“There is the need for people to start thinking of their own ways of sustaining themselves economically, rather than waiting upon the government or other organisations to employ them,” he said.

Mr. Washington urged experts and other stakeholders in the field of job creation, to help empower the youth to notice their own skills and talents, and how they could make use of them in earning a livelihood.

Source: GNA

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