ECOWAS Court, UNDP to hold human rights conference in Accra

The Community Court of Justice, ECOWAS in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme West- Central Regional office in Dakar, is to hold a conference in Accra from October 15-October 19.

The theme for the conference is: “Human Rights Democracy and Good Governance: Role of the ECOWAS Court of Justice.”

A press statement issued to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said the conference was designed to gather legal and judicial practitioners from ECOWAS institutions, national courts of member states and other regional courts external partners, scholars, civil society groups and other relevant stakeholders.

“The theme for the Conference is topical as it signifies the direction that ECOWAS stakeholders should pursue and the role of ECOWAS Court of Justice in promoting and ensuring human rights protection democracy and good governance in West Africa,” the statement said.

Discussions around the theme would bring to fore insight and strategies relevant to the realisation of the set objectives. Presentations would be made on the first sub-theme: “Community Legislation on Democracy, Good Governance and Human Rights.”

Papers to be presented on the sub-theme include the legal instruments on democracy, good governance and human rights: key concepts and shared values among other topics.

The statement indicated that the second sub- theme would be on: “The Role of ECOWAS Court of Justice in the Consolidation of Democracy Good Governance and Human Rights,” and  papers to be discussed would include contribution of ECOWAS Court of Justice in strengthening democracy and human rights protection, strengthening the role of the court in the promotion of democracy and good governance: challenges and prospects, framework for cooperation between the community and the national courts and external partners.

The UNDP regional office would also make a presentation on its policy of promoting democracy and rule of law in West Africa and expected role of the legal and judicial institutions in the region.

Source: GNA

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