Ghana’s 2012 elections will be ‘very close’ just like the US – Carson

A top US envoy is predicting a close contest in the upcoming elections in Ghana. The country goes to the polls December 7, 2012 to elect a President and Members of Parliament.

Ambassador Johnnie Carson, US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs hopes that Ghana’s elections during the first week of December will “mirror” the US elections.

“I am hopeful that Ghana’s elections during the first week of December will mirror our elections in the United States, and that is where all those who want to vote can go out to vote freely and fairly and know that their votes will be counted honestly and that the results will be posted, and that the person who receives the most votes will be elected president without the country falling into conflict or civil war,” Ambassador Carson said during a teleconference with journalists Thursday September 20, 2012.

Responding to a question on Ghana’s elections, Carson said “I think your elections, like our own elections, will be very close, but the outcome will not weaken your democracy or weaken your democratic institutions, but strengthen them.”

He continued, “If these elections are like your previous three, four elections, there may be a close contest, but the outcome will be a stronger democracy and greater respect for the rule of law. Whoever loses knows that they can come back in four years time and contest again. And I hope whoever wins will win and govern on behalf of the entire nation and not just on behalf of those who elected him, and that people like Dr. Afari-Gyan, the election commissioner, will again prove – will show to the world and to Ghanaians alike that there can be a neutral referee in the process who is respected and whose voice of integrity and experience show that democracies work for all.”

According to the US envoy, he has confidence and faith in Ghana’s democratic traditions.

“We have enormous respect for your (Ghana) democratic traditions and what you have done in Ghana since the end of military rule there,” Mr Carson stated.

By Ekow Quandzie

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