Africa needs good leadership to promote good governance – PROSAG

Ms Rosemary Ackah, President of the Professional Secretaries Association of Ghana (PROSAG) said on Wednesday Africa needed good leadership to promote good governance, to yield the framework for socio-economic development.

She said leadership must be informed not only by vision but also by pragmatic experience of the state of the nation, adding that good governance was a prerequisite for the realization of development challenges and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Ms Ackah made this observation at the second African Parliamentary, Reporters, Secretaries and Administrative Professionals Congress, on the theme “Democracy and Effective Leadership for Africa’s Development”.

The congress is to provide participants the opportunity to highlight on Africa’s Democracy and Development especially the effectiveness of Leadership skills across the African continent.

She said democracy had become steeper in Africa, and Africa would be the best in its natural and human resource mobilization to facilitate development with good policies to direct its socio-economic develop as well as enhance the right atmosphere for investment and respect for the rule of law.

“It is important to note that, Democracy as we easily say is not as easy as the pronouncement of the word in Africa. Many African countries have accepted democracy but its implementation has not been easy. The difficulties or challenges have affected development in most African countries, and together, we can overcome these challenges if only we are determined with the requisite skills and ability”.

Ms Ackah noted, “We can develop Africa to our expectation if only we understand ourselves, build the interrelationship among ourselves and trust each other. It is our collective responsibility as Africans to ensure that the peace we are enjoying today in our various African countries is not overturned by any event”.

She urged participants to take advantage of the opportunity to work harmoniously to be able to interact amicably and engage in debatable developmental projects that would help transform their countries.

Source: GNA

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