Residents of Papanso threaten to boycott December elections

Residents of Sampson Panpanso Number Two, a farming community in the Suhum Municipality, have threatened not to take part in the December polls if the area continued to be neglected in the provision of social amenities.

Baffour Akufo Djan, the Odikro of the Community, disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after communal labour.

He said the community, situated along the Accra-Nsawam-Suhum-Kumasi road with a population of over 1,000 people had been neglected for a long time by successive governments.

Baffour Djan said the community lacked several social amenities such as public place of convenience, potable water and schools among others.

He said the only borehole in the area constructed 12 years ago was not functioning, compelling the people to walk a distance of three kilometres daily to fetch water from streams and rivers.

Baffour Djan said the situation had led to the outbreak of cholera and other communicable diseases in the area.

He said last year an outbreak of cholera attacked 65 people and but for the swift response from a medical team from the Nsawam Government Hospital, lives would have been lost.

Source: GNA

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