New hotel promises 1000 jobs in Western Region

Work on the first phase of a Hotel Resort to be built at Princess Town in the Western Region is soon to commence.

This first phase of construction of the multi-million dollar, upscale business conference hotel promoted by Soroma Capital, a Ghanaian investment company, is expected to provide 1,000 direct and indirect jobs for the people in and around the area.

Besides construction workers, upon completion permanent jobs will be created for gardeners, security staff, tour guides, catering staff, housekeeping, maintenance staff,  hotel management and administration. The hotel will also establish a reliable market for craftsmen, local fishermen and farmers, the promoters have said.

“Unlike our Kenyan and Gambian counterparts, Ghanaian tourism has been dominated my small, family run hotels; there is a real need for large, sustainable, community-integrated resorts, especially outside the capital city of Accra if Ghana is to fulfill her tourism earnings potential,” Dr Ayowa Taylor, Managing Director of Soroma Capital told in an exclusive interview.

According to Dr Taylor, Soroma was directed to the Princes Town site by the Ministry of Tourism long before the discovery of oil and gas. The Ministry, as part of a five-year strategic plan had identified Princes Town  (alongside other beach locations across Ghana) as suitable for resort development. But after acquiring the site, Soroma was embroiled in land litigation for the best part of two years. The company however, persevered and has now obtained new local and international financial partners, an environmental permit, building permit and a reputable, global hotel operator.

He said the hotel will incorporate  a vocational training schoool.

According to her, the Princess Town Hospitality School will provide a major resource not just for the Soroma Resort but for all Western Region youth interested in pursuing a career in hospitality as well as hotel and restaurant businesses.

By Pascal Kelvin Kudiabor

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