Tigo pays over 500 insurance claims

Tigo Ghana has paid more than 500 claims under the Tigo Family Care Insurance for subscribers since its introduction.

A product designed in partnership with Milvik (Bima) and underwritten by Vanguard, Tigo Family Care Insurance provides life insurance cover for Tigo subscribers and their close relatives.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Friday said in the event of death, the beneficiary received the insured amount to help him through the grieving period.

“This product is designed to ease the burden on subscribers and their family members in times of bereavement,” the Solutions Category Manager at Tigo Ghana, Abdul-Nasser Alidu, said in the statement.

Describing how the product works, he said all one needed to do was to register and keep using Tigo.

“The amount of credit a customer uses within a month determines the life insurance cover in the following month. Subscribers can choose to double their insurance cover by registering for ‘Xtra life and paying 5 pesewas a day.

“So far, the product has proved to be very popular, with more subscribers joining every day and tens of thousands of customers upgrading from free insurance to ‘Xtra Life since it launched in November 2011,” Mr. Alidu added.

Source: GNA

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