Nurse says fatty foods can cause diabetes

The Nkoranza South Municipal Public Health Nurse, Madam Comfort Korkor, on Monday advised the general public to desist from taking too much fatty food.

She said fatty foods were a potential threat to one’s life because excessive eating of it could lead to diabetes.

Madam Korkor gave the advice at a day’s workshop on the causes and preventive measures of diabetes and malaria organised by the Nkoranza South Municipal Directorate of the Ghana Health Services for members of the Nkoranza Hairdressers’ Association.

They were taken through topics such as “Types of Diabetes – their signs and symptoms”, “Effects of Malaria”, “The importance of regular exercises” and “The importance of fruits and vegetables”.

She said diabetes was also a hereditary disease and mentioned “juvenile diabetes” (the one by birth), and “diabetes mellitus” (acquired during pregnancy) as the two types of diabetes.

Madam Korkor said excessive drinking of water and frequent urination especially during the night could be an indication that a person had diabetes, stressing that the urine of a diabetic patient often tasted sugary and there were occasions when ants would be found at the place where the patient urinated indicating the sugary nature of the urine.

She stressed the importance of exercising the body regularly to avoid obesity and also urged eating of more fruits and vegetables to promote one’s health.

Source: GNA

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