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Unemployed Ghanaian graduates blame government for their misfortune

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Mr Dennis Ofosuapea, Spokesperson, Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana (UGAG), has chided government for its inability to provide jobs for graduates in the country.

Addressing the press on Wednesday on the issue of graduate unemployment in the country, he blamed government for accepting the graduate unemployment canker as something “normal and universal”.

He noted that phenomenon threatened the sense of security and liberties of graduates and that it had undermined the idea of grooming a strong, educated and intelligent population needed for the transformation of the country.

Mr Ofosuapea, a lawyer and the legal advisor of UGAG, urged all Ghanaians who believe in the cause of UGAG to support their mission by urging government to create jobs for unemployed graduates.

He wondered why trained civil engineers were working as messengers in “mushroom banks and micro finance companies while prisoners from other countries were awarded contracts to construct our roads”.

“The President of the Republic looked at us in the face and introduced foreign fellows as those capable of constructing our markets such as the Kotokoraba Market in Cape Coast”, he said.

He said a nationwide tour of the executives of UGAG revealed that 67,000 unemployed graduates had given up searching for jobs.

He blamed the NDC government for rejecting the National Youth Policy endorsed by former President Kufuor after 10 years of struggle to get the policy accepted in officialdom.

Source: GNA

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