Ghana needs new generation of politicians – CPP MP Aspirant

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP), parliamentary candidate for Korle Klottey constituency in Accra, has said Ghana needs a new generation of erudite politicians, who could emancipate the citizenry from hardship and inspire national, cultural and socio-economic development.

Dr. Kabu Okai Davies, Director of Creativity and Innovations at the African University College of Communications (AUCC) announced in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Friday.

He believed that Ghana had come to a stage where it needed to elect parliamentarians who could help enact laws that would bring about a new paradigm shift towards democratic discipline and national development.

“This new generation of leaders must appreciate our national interest, must have a sophisticated understanding of the nature of globalization, the significance of our country and to comprehend the strategic dynamics that are now shaping the geo-political forces of change around the world thus Ghana needs responsible leaders who can act as transformational leaders.”

He said, “Ghana can be transformed if the politicians and the citizenry can free themselves from ethnocentrisms, negating values, superstitions that are not consistent with scientific thinking, socio-cultural beliefs that have paralysed their imaginations and outdated attitudes that are not modern.”

“If there is a country in Africa with the potential to fulfil the promise of independence and become the great country that it is destined to become then is Ghana.” he added.

He said his dream to become the Member of Parliament for Korle Klottey constituency stemmed out of his passion to create prosperity for the people in the area.

Dr. Davies has a strong conviction that legislators must expand the political sphere of freedom, human rights, civil and social opportunities and broaden the realm of economic avenues for the collective self-advancement of Ghanaians, through legislative reforms.

“This is how democratic reforms of government can protect and advance the welfare of its people and promote the course of true economic freedom. After all, what is the virtue and value of democracy when it is designed to benefit and serve the interest of the few” he questioned.

Dr. Davies said if given the mandate, he would use his presence in Parliament to motivate his peers to conceive positive policies and to engineer the process of change that would make Ghana the pride of all.

He said Ghana would develop only if its leaders embraced the idea of globalization and industrialization through the means of education, human resource and skill development.

Dr. Davies said when elected, he would push hard for policies that would advance and modernize Ghana, promote the idea of regional trade with other West African countries, protect civil liberties, expand educational opportunities for children with developmental needs, ensure the enforcement of safety regulations on the roads, laws on occupational health, hospitals, construction sites, factories and farms among others.

He said, “Our greatness should not just be because Ghana is now an oil producing nation, or it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gold, rather our greatness should be made more meaningful through our collective sense of self-respect, decency, individual and collective self-development, democratic discipline, self-reliance, compliance with the Rule of Law and transparency in governance.”

Dr. Davies entreated Ghanaians to view the significance of the upcoming election within the context of history, by living up to the ideals of democracy, as disciplined citizens of a nation on the verge of change and brighter possibilities so they elect effective leaders.

Source: GNA

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