95% music played on air not containing profitable message – Simpi

Mr Azonko Simpi, Founder of the Classic Africa Orchestral, on Wednesday appealed to his colleagues musicians to ensure that their lyrics contain messages of virtue and Ghanaian culture instead of profanity.

Mr Simpi, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), expressed worry that some musicians used their music to promote immorality and foreign culture, particularly among the youth.

He lamented that “about 95 per cent of music played by the media does not contain any profitable message of morality,” and  said if such lyrics were not checked, Ghana would gradually lose her cultural value.

Mr. Simpi called for the reintroduction of cultural studies with emphasis on language, art and music in schools.

He appealed to the Ministry of Chieftaincy, Ministry of Education and District Assemblies and other stakeholders to consider providing a theatre hall equipped with Ghanaian musical instruments in every constituency.

Source: GNA

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