WAEC releases 2012 WASSCE provisional results

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) on Tuesday said it had released provisional results of 163,138 out of the 174,461 candidates who took the May/June 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

A statement issued in Accra by Mr F. Akuffo-Baddo, Head, Test Administration Division, said the results were being dispatched to schools.

Meanwhile, candidates who so desire may access their results online.

It said the results of 2,257 candidates would be released as soon as the queries on them were resolved.

Results of 9,066 candidates are being withheld pending the conclusion of investigations into various examination irregularities which they are alleged to have indulged in.

“Details on performance statistics and examination irregularities will be published as soon as the outstanding results are finalised,” the statement said.

Source: GNA

  1. Enter your name... A square says

    Kudoz 2 waec nd its official. Realy, waec z a standard board of examinatns.

  2. Amoooo says

    We pray that this year result will be the best ever!!

  3. Anonymous says

    God you are faithful to me,i knw with you all things are possible,i knw that i have pass the wassce for your Glory.thank You GOD

  4. We all dat wrote d waec should hav faith in God b/cos we’ve all made it no mata d percentage.

  5. Aforlabi Waliu says

    Thank the Almighty Allah dat the results are finally out. Hope for the best

  6. Enter your name...amishe3 says

    succes is my name this year i thank God for the success of this year exam all glory belongs to God.

  7. mimi says

    we shd nt doubt bt believe and have faith that GOD has made our results beautiful lyk he promised…

  8. Anonymous says

    Glory be 2 God almighty 4 dis year exam

  9. Ganiwu says

    Insha Allah

  10. Ejim shevy says

    Kudoz 2 wassac board of directors 4 improvg d degree of credibility & reliability in d last concludd exam.whethr d result ar bad or not is immaterial eithr i thk them 4 nt compromisg their strategies in creatg a condusive exam atomspher whr d magnitude of malpractice is waned 2 d bearest minimum.i say a vry big thk u.

  11. Ojo stephen olaitan says

    Oh God help me i have not check my own result am afraiding GOD HELP ME.I AM FROM NIGERIA.

  12. Matthew Atungwu says

    I alone knw d plan i av 4 u. Plan 2 brng u prosperity n nt disaster plan 2 brng all d future u hop 4. Says d Lord. He ‘ll accomplish his plans n grnt me n dos who have faith in Him an excellent result in Jesus name Amen.

  13. Enter your name... says

    I giv u praise Jesus cos my confidence is in you…… Tank u 4 success!!!

  14. Shakib says

    Wit u LORD,,all fhinz ar posibl…LET UR WIL B DON

  15. Lorder20 says

    Oh lord lets our dream come 2 pass.

  16. Anthony says

    God help me,

  17. olaito taiwo says

    i knew dat dis year result shall be a glorious one because all thing are possible

  18. Franca says

    Am hopin dis results brings joy 2 every body in jesus name amen

  19. Blamles wisdom says

    Thank u lord 4 i knw u hv done it 4me again.GOD b with us all

  20. ck says

    Waec, well done, bt fast track ur investigations n release de remaining ones so dat u can calm de nerves of all.

  21. My waec result

  22. Enter your name says

    Pass @ last

  23. Anonymous says

    De lord dat we serve which z i am dat i am,de ancient of days,de lion of de tribe of judea,king of kings,his excellency,emmanuel will never fail me no matta de situation on ground i dont want to knw if my result is being witheld or not bt in de name of jesus every nees must bow every tongue must confess dat jesus christ is de lord,4 i shall nt fear 4 he is my shield nd my fotteress nd my bokler,wit dis no wepon fashiond against my success in dat result shall prosper in jesus name amen i will nd shall make it.so my fellow 4rindz dnt be affraid 4 u shall make it in jesus name amen bye 4 nw!!

  24. Enter your name... says

    my little boy made it like nobodys business ,congrat

  25. Golden says

    Pls waec official!
    I dnt knw y u hv’e held up all my grade!pls hlp me out oooooooooooooooooooooo



  27. abruquah says

    All pas be pas! A1 2 e8!

  28. Anonymous says

    We are looking for senior waec result

  29. master Nduka Ugbe says

    na wa 4 waec and their palaval or u people should have pity on d student now

  30. Anonymous says

    i know my god have done it,will all make it in jesus name Amen.

  31. Anonymous says

    I have checked my result and i thank the almighty God fo helping me out,i say may his name be exalted…Thankgod joseph.

  32. Josephine N Okeibunor says

    God i think u blcos i ve passd my exams. I glorify ur holy name, 2 all my frnds who also wrote d exams, let,s tank God cos we ve made it. Halluaya…………

  33. Josephine N Okeibunor says

    God i thank u blcos i ve passd my exams. I glorify ur holy name, 2 all my frnds who also wrote d exams, let,s tank God cos we ve made it. Halluaya…………

  34. Anonymous says

    I wnt all waec candidate to have dat faith dat we made our result

  35. akindes oliver says

    i think waec has really done a great job this year by releasing the results early,felicitations

  36. Anie says

    When wil u people relists does result? And how long wil it take?

  37. Enter your name...ike says

    why are some of the candidates results available and others not available? why is waec doing that?

  38. Enter your name... says

    thank God the results are out,we hope we all past in Jesus name. Amen

  39. dedea says

    waec for invest in the invigilators because the malpractice is beyond repairs.most schools work the questions for their students .,i see very ugly picture of ghana’s future.they should employ annass to do investigation for them to know the truth

  40. Enter your name... says

    inshaalahu i wil make my own

  41. onuoha victoria says

    i want to check my waec result

  42. Anonymous says

    I ope t nd yaw av made it+ . Amen. Fnx waec 4 releasing the results in time. This is going to mk the qualified students who so desire to chek do it meanwhile, glory be to GOD.

  43. Anonymous says

    With God i knw i must make a good result for i put my trust iu (HIM)

  44. Enter your name... says

    God i av nothing to say but to say thanks u jesus becos i deeply know that av pass d waec peacefully so glory be to god almigthy.

  45. Ajayi idowu folasade says

    God i put all my faith 2 u in heaven take control of my weac dis year

  46. Anonymous says

    Though the papers were tough but we exceeded to the top level by performing execellently.congratulations to my fellow candidates

  47. Anonymous says

    pls wil wasec release their withheld result

  48. Anonymous says

    Waec shud pls also update some results dat require just a little thing 2 be true

  49. Bunyamin012 says

    We wish that this yr exams wl serve as the most success creadited result

  50. Titus says

    thank u W
    aec for releasing the results and hope u will continue the good works.

  51. Anonymous says


  52. Francis.A.Mends says

    My hair stood on air when i my frends cald to ast how far the results are going.

  53. Anonymous says

    Thnk God d rsult r finaly out. we hope 4 d beta…

  54. Anonymous says


  55. Anonymous says

    Confidence ready for the good result

  56. Anonymous says

    10x God dey result iz out hoping 4 d best

  57. Dennis says

    God will still help us that didnt make it


    May God help us all (AMEN)

  59. Anonymous says

    Dear mr i can strongly be allied u that the exams that went on our was so fertile that we dont need any assistance so it will be advisable 4 u to release pending results to their owners 4 peace in the country amen.



  61. CHUNKDOE says

    Thank God for the success of the exam and waec officals may you live long

  62. ASABEE says


  63. Anonymous says

    I wish all my friends and every student all over the world that sat for this year exam series of successful successeses in their result an as they seek admission in to various higher institution and may God crown their efort with sucess.

  64. Enter your name... says

    Waec result

  65. Sunday Godwin says

    Waec official ar jst putting preasure on d students.

  66. Anonymous says

    Thanks to Allah the results are out.

  67. Grace says

    May God help us in Jesus name

  68. Deborah freeman says

    Thank God i made my result. Thanks 2 Weac officials 4 a job well done.

  69. Anonymous says

    WAEC officials most u size students results? i think u have monintory body and why? release all the results. thank u

  70. Prince says

    With God all things are posible

  71. Gabriel Agbodzi Selorm says

    oh ma God hop u have done ur part already is now up to us.we are now in the hand of the examiners.ego bi


    I wish SEWASS students will get a 100% pass by ‘GOD GRACE AMEN’

  73. Anonymous says


  74. Anonymous says

    Ooohw finally the results come,gather vimm den go check ur own.

  75. Furayra Alhassan says

    Oh waec release our result pls

  76. Enter your name...JCnaenana says

    GOD Knows HIS own so as GOD said i know my sheep and my sheep also knowns me so this not now to say GOD save me HE lets the rain shines and the sun fals n shines over al mankinds so HE loves us all AMEN

  77. Please send my west african examination council result.

  78. Enter your name... says

    please the withheld student wen are we goin to get our result.

  79. Anonymous says

    We fenk God 4 dis year xam……… I av al ma subject xpect lit in eng……. Waec y failin d compulsory subject shameless stop dat plis

  80. Anonymous says

    weac result is out wishing u d best and my God help us here and hereafter

  81. Anonymous says


  82. Prof.MATTHEW C PROMISE. says

    Well to God be thou glory. But may i ask, why is it that waec officers are not frinendly to the science student pls sirs ad ma’s help us the scienties we are mainly the furture of our country. Despite that the result is out, am still patiantly waiting for the endusment of my biology, geography ad chemistry.GOD BLESS U ALL!!!

  83. Enter your name... says

    Waec is out,pls nd pls u hav 2 release the helding result.

  84. Badosky says

    Baba God noni.i made it oh! I made it.kudos 2 waec officials.and my felow studnt dat didnt mek it.take heart.kip tryin God must c u tru.jah blesx.

  85. Anonymous says

    no afraid of checkin result with god all thing is possible.

  86. Anonymous says

    why is waec doing dis to me now, i wrote nov/dec the result was held, and i when ahead to wrote another may/june waec thesame thing happein withheld againt, pls waec should try and help check who is following my result for me, God will bless him abundent

  87. Godspower says

    Plz when wil waec going 2 release d held result

  88. cobbina says

    why i you are doing this to them

  89. Anonymous says

    please we are on our neds to appologise to release our results for us we beg u in the name of almighty god that if some were hapen during writen the examis please for give us and release our results for us thank you

  90. Enter your name...ocean says

    may our lord help those who hav not seen their result yet.may God help them wit A’s n B’s

  91. Anonymous says

    Pls iam begging waec to release my result 4 me,iam crying day & night bcos of my result:may God bless d soul dat will release it 4 me.

  92. zak says

    the network is not good for checking of results why?i try checking from my laptop wit a scrach card but havent been able.

  93. Anonymous says

    God pls help the with heald to b released.

  94. Pls i beg u pple wit d nam of almighty God 2 pls release my result 4 me. My parent sufferd elot jst 2 register dis waec 4 me hav mercy on me pls.

  95. I want my waec result out pls says

    Pls i beg u pple wit d nam of almighty God 2 pls release my result 4 me. My parent sufferd elot jst 2 register dis waec 4 me hav mercy on me pls.

  96. Anonymous says

    Pls waec release our result for i dont hav moni to enroll again for i am an orphan.pls this my life and pls release it fast for i hav b.p.pls

  97. Anonymous says

    Hoping for good result and to God be the glory

  98. manuelzionite says

    when will the pending results be released,why the queries

  99. Anonymous says

    Oh!God have mercy upon those who result were held by weac.Help and let see ur wonders

  100. isaac says

    we want see our result

  101. ESKIMO says

    waec shld place proper results on net

  102. jones says

    pls what time will the pending come because we need it so pls!!!!!!!! Help us

  103. Enter your name... says

    Plz wen wil de pendin result be released

  104. Kabiru ibrahim adam says

    We eager to see the pended resoult so help pls

  105. Anonymous says

    ghana wil never progres becos ur elders are not doin fair 2 us hav u se blackman it seems dos who waec withheld their results did very wel if dey was nt performing wel their results wil nt be witheld so pls release it know else god wil punish al of u

  106. viruz says

    Oga WASSCE e go be beter u release de pended results ooh ……………

  107. Anonymous says

    P/s waec release witheld result so dat your days will be long God bless u

  108. GID says

    boss, i don’t really no what waec, is talking about. They withheld result for their own reasons. when we really need the result badly. How can i write in the same class with pupils and their result is out but not mine.

  109. magnefico Huud says

    i was in a very melancholy of disposition when the news reached me that the wassce results of some candidates have not been released.why shld waec be stressing students just to accomplish their parochial desires?pls release the results

  110. felix says

    Please. Universties are admitting.
    I.P.S its starting lectures on monday.
    Legon has given me a dead line of 12september to produce my results.
    And yet My my results is still pending for a reason most do not know.
    And even if we try to Go to the exam council,it will be of no use.
    Please help us. At least u can tell use when ever we try to access the internet for our results. Please help us

  111. Anonymous says

    please waec officials release our withheld result.its is important to us.more have been giving admission but the result is delaying me and the deadline is thursday help nigeria future

  112. Enter your name... says

    Hai u guy take it cool,i believe dat waec is dn it work wel ,ur joy wil be completed ok

  113. Yushawu says

    i think waec has not been fair to candidates because there is no any tangible criteria used to withheld candidates results for investigation purposes

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