Amissah-Arthur remains apostle of Mills’ “Better Ghana Agenda” – Nana Brew-Butler

Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

Mr Sam Nana Brew-Butler has described Mr Amissah-Arthur, President John Mahama’s nominee as Vice-president, as “an asset to his party and our Motherland”.

He said the nominee is a man who “will competently and efficiently preserve the Mills legacy while positively adding on to it just as His Excellency John Mahama will do.”

In a statement issued in Accra, Nana Brew-Butler agreed with the view expressed earlier by Ms Hanna Tetteh, Minister of Trade, and others that President Mahama has made a very good choice in nominating the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Mr Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur, as the next Vice President of the Republic on the basis of his competence, knowledge, experience and his being “a fine gentleman.”

Nana Brew-Butler said Paa Kwesi was a close confidant of the late President, Prof John Evans Atta Mills, from the time when he was the Deputy Minister of Finance responsible for Revenue and always conferred with the then IRS Commissioner, Prof Mills.

“I can say on authority that Paa Kwesi was the first to suggest Commissioner Mills as a likely candidate for the position of Veep at a lunch with Mr E.T. Mensah and I at Club 400 Restaurant in Accra in the mid-90s, Nana Brew-Butler said.

He said the nominee remains an Apostle of the Mills “Better Ghana Agenda” philosophy and expressed the deep conviction that he will competently and efficiently preserve the Mills legacy.

Nana Brew-Butler said Paa Kwesi has since 1992 been one of the key loyal members of the Central Regional Caucus of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), contributing generously in ideas and in material forms.

“He is well known and respected by all.  Paa Kwesi is really an asset to his party and our Mother land Ghana.  May the Good Lord continue to direct and bless him,” Nana Brew-Butler said

Source: GNA

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