Businesses pick up in Aflao following calm in Lome

Economic activities which took a nose- dive in Aflao following anti-government clashes in Lome, Togo have returned to normalcy.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency to the main Aflao border at about 0620 hours on Monday revealed brisk movement of people and goods across the frontier resulting in a long queue which kept frontier personnel busy.

A source close to the Customs division of the Ghana Revenue Authority confirmed economic activity began picking-up last Friday following the cessation of hostilities Lome.

A similar visit to parts of Lome show a return of calmness and relaxation of security with brisk business going on in Asigame, the central market area in Lome.

At the GPRTU main bus terminal in Aflao, busy activity was witnessed.

An estimated 100,000 opposition elements angry over a constitutional review to allow a President of the country to run as many times as possible, clashed with anti-riot security personnel last week in Lome resulting in some injuries.

The clashes however took a dramatic turn with reports alleging some security personnel turned their guns at each other killing three of their colleagues following misunderstandings over how to handle the demonstrators.

Many Ghanaian traders who arrived in Lome for business prior to the clashes have to return prematurely with many stalls in the Lome Central Market closed over safety concerns.

Source: GNA

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