President Mills for medical check-up in US

President Atta Mills

President John Evans Attan Mills on Saturday night left Accra for the United States of America for medical check up, discounting rumours that he was dead.

Social networks had speculated the death of the President, but he popped up at the Kotoka International Airport, in Accra, sporting a blue-black suit with a tie to match.

President Mills, who was in the company of Vice President John Mahama and some Ministers of State, elicited laughter from journalists, at the Airport, before his departure, by asking them whether a dead man could talk to them.

President Mills said he had heard rumours that he was dead, and wondered what was happening.

“Indeed, this is not the first time that I have heard people say this about me. Let me just say that I’m very, very strong and I don’t know the basis for people saying that I am dead,” President Mills said, and added “You look at me as a person, are you seeing a person who has died?”

The President said the check up was a regular routine, which his doctors had recommended.

“I have decided to go for medical check up. So I’m going for a few days and then come back,” he said.

President Mills said that his Administration would work hard within the next six months to retain power in the next General Election.

He said that he had informed the appropriate authorities of his departure and there was no need for panic.

Under the 1992 Constitution, the President is obliged to inform Parliament whenever he is going outside the country.

Vice President Mahama would act as President while President Mills is away.

Source: GNA

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