Ghanaian boxer Joseph Agbeko sues Don King in US court

Joseph Agbeko

Joseph “King Kong” Agbeko, former International Boxing Federation (IBF) Bantamweight champion has sued his former promoter, Don King for failing to adhere to the Mohammed Ali Act, and denies receiving $4,000 for his fight against William Gonazalez.

Speaking to the GNA Sports in Accra on Friday, Agbeko confirmed that he has indeed sued the former promoter in a United States Federal court because his former promoter failed to comply by the Mohammed Ali Act which states that promoters makes full disclosure of all revenues to boxers.

Agbeko said under the management of Don King, the promoter failed to make known to him proceeds from television rights, sponsorship monies, as well as details of other revenues from each bout, thus giving indication that he was underpaid.

The boxer is therefore seeking the full disclosure of those revenues in a bid to make an appropriate claim from his former promoter.

He told the GNA Sports, almost every boxer under Don King had suffered similar fate but he is not prepared to undergo such a trauma.

Agbeko added that he hopes to triumph in the case because he has a genuine case worth pursuing to its conclusion.

On claims that he received $4,000 for his title defence, Agbeko denied ever receiving such a paltry sum from his promoter.

“How can I mount the ring for such a pittance? How would I be able to feed my family after investing heavily in preparations of the fight? I never received such an amount from my promoters”.

Speaking on the future, Agbeko said he hopes to revive his career by the close of the year as he seeks to take a shot at another world title.

Source: GNA

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