Obama unveils new US strategic plan for sub-Saharan Africa

US President Barack Obama has signed a Presidential Policy Directive unveiling a new US strategy focusing on democracy, economic growth, peace and development for sub-Saharan Africa.

A White House statement today June 14, 2012 said the new plan known as “US Strategy Toward sub-Saharan Africa” commits the US to a “forward-looking strategy in which we will work closely with our African partners” to advance the prosperity, security, and dignity that citizens deserve.”

Developed through a rigorous process that drew on the expertise of leaders from both inside and outside of government including African voices, the US government believes that the new strategy will place the US in a stronger position to help its African partners seize the opportunities and meet the challenges facing the continent.

Outlined in the Presidential Policy Directive, the strategy sets forth four strategic objectives for US engagement in Africa – Strengthen democratic institutions; Spur economic growth, trade, and investment; Advance peace and security; and Promote opportunity and development.

The statement added that two of the four objectives – strengthening democratic institutions and promoting economic growth, trade, and investment, will receive particular attention.  “Under the President’s strategy the United States will help strengthen institutions at every level, promote more open and accountable governance that advances the aspirations of Africans, and expand efforts to promote human rights and the rule of law,” it said.

Importantly, the strategy states clearly that the United States will not stand idly by when leaders threaten the credibility of democratic processes.

By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. GG says

    Make sure corrupt leaders are pesecuted squarely without mercy are brought to justice.

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