Ghanaian migrants living in Israel illegally to be deported

Some Ghanaians among a large number of African immigrants numbering over 4,000 living in Israel illegally will soon be deported into the country, according to Israeli authorities.

Authorities are therefore arresting all the illegal immigrants in the country in order to deport the Africans. Israel has dubbed the deportation plan “Operation Going Home”.

Israeli officials say the influx of the immigrants has become a threat to the country as most are blamed for a series of rapes and other crimes which has fueled an angry backlash among Israelis.

Other African immigrants to be sent back to their native countries are from South Sudan, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

The Jerusalem Post today June 12, 2012 reported that Israel’s Population, Immigration and Borders Authority (PIBA) officials on Monday arrested 115 African migrants as part of the deportation plan. The majority of those arrested, 105, are South Sudanese nationals and the remainder are from Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Ghana, the report said citing Israeli authorities.

The majority of the arrests were said to be taking place in south Tel Aviv, Eilat and in other cities in that country.

The Israeli government has offered cash incentives to those who leave voluntarily and says others will be expelled by force, the Associated Press has reported.

By Ekow Quandzie

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