Ghanaians told to rediscover nation’s lost values

Professor John Andoh Micah, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Cape Coast, has called on Ghanaians to rediscovery the nation’s lost values towards national development.

“We have institutionalized corruption and poor attitude to work, especially in the public service, which negatively affects the nation’s growth and development.

Prof. Micah was speaking at the third S.H. Amissah memorial lecture, organized by the Methodist Church, Ghana, on the theme: “Rediscovering the Nation’s Values: The Role of the Church in Ghana,” in Accra on Wednesday.

He said there was the need to rediscover the nation’s values, in order to give meaning to the renewed zeal and efforts at developing the nation.

Prof. Micah explained that the effects of lost of positive values of the country were similar to those of the eighteenth century, including breakdown of law, poor attitude to work, corruption and moral decadence.

He said there was there was lack of self-worth, resulting in incidence of suicide in the country.

Prof Micah complained of indiscipline on the part of children, disrespect for elders and indecent dressing, especially among the youth.

He said values could change as a result of influenced by several cultures, modernity and economic factors.

On the role of the church in the rediscovery process, Prof. Micah said the Church should encourage its members to live by the teachings of the Bible.

“Another important point in their teaching is the salvation obtained from the growth through prayer, fasting, study of God’s word and doing good works,” he said.

Source: GNA

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