Transition to green economy could yield up to 60 million jobs worldwide – ILO

The transformation to a greener economy could generate 15 to 60 million additional jobs globally over the next two decades and lift tens of millions of workers out of poverty, according to a new report published by the International Labour Organization (ILO) May 31, 2012.

The study “Working towards sustainable development: Opportunities for decent work and social inclusion in a green economy” said these gains will depend on whether the right set of policies are put in place.

Tens of millions of jobs have already been created by this transformation, the ILO said adding that the renewable energy sector now employs close to five million workers, more than doubling the number of jobs from 2006-2010.

Energy efficiency is another important source of green jobs, particularly in the construction industry, the sector hardest hit by the economic crisis, the organization argues.

At least half of the global workforce – the equivalent of 1.5 billion people – will be affected by the transition to a greener economy, according to the report.

While changes will be felt throughout the economy, the report stated that eight key sectors are expected to play a central role and be mostly affected – agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy, resource-intensive manufacturing, recycling, building and transport.

By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. kumah drah says

    pretty interesting figure,
    What’s going to be Africas’s portion… and Ghana’s piece of the green cake?
    By the way, are green and environmental issues coming up on the election and political agenda as Ghanaians vote next December?
    I wish there were a green party to make the projection a big issue and tell us how green many jobs the party is going to create!

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