NADMO takes measures to curb flooding in Accra Metropolis

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) on Wednesday desilted drains in some parts of the Accra Metropolis as part of measures to reduce flooding during the rainy season.

They desilted minor drains at West lands, Legon to help allow the free flow of water into the major Odaw drain.

It was undertaken in collaboration with Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Hydrological Services Department and Ghana Police Service, during which some unauthorised structures on waterways were demolished.

The preparedness measures were being undertaken under the $7.5 million Japanese grant equipment for flood mitigation and preparedness during the rainy season.

Mr Katey Dorgbey, Director of Hydro Meteorological Disaster Department of NADMO, said residents occupying the illegal structures on the waterway had been informed about two years ago to relocate.

He said the exercise was to help alleviate perennial flooding in the metropolis and cautioned the public to refrain from building on water course as well as throwing garbage in the gutters anytime it rains thus impeding the free flow of water.

Mr Dorgbey said the presence of the Police restrained the general public and those affected from interfering.

Source: GNA

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