New satelite to boost financial transactions in rural Africa to be unveiled in Accra

SatADSL, a Belgium-based satellite service operator, will unveil its products and services aimed at boosting operations of financial institutions and SMEs in remote areas in Africa at the upcoming AITEC Mobile Money Conference in Accra next week.

SatADSL, a distribution partner of SES Broadband Services, will be presenting at the event its solutions tailor-made for the African banking and financial community, including banks, insurance companies, money transfer companies and ATM operators.

The service allows financial transactions such as money transfers, cash withdrawals from the ATM devices (Automatic Telling Machines) to be successfully performed over satellite links, in a reliable and very cost-effective manner.

The SatADSL solutions are using the SES Broadband service platform which provides high-speed broadband internet via satellite independently from any terrestrial infrastructure to individuals, businesses and communities.

SES Broadband was first introduced in Europe in 2007 and today is also marketed via distribution partners in the Middle East and Africa.

SatADSL is optimistic that its satellite services are critical means for financial institutions as they can now prioritize their business-critical transactions with the guarantee that these transactions will always go through, whatever the level of congestion on the network, with an affordable solution.

Financial institutions often offer excellent service in the main cities where adapted telecommunications means are available – fiber connections, WiMax.

However, in more remote locations where the population is less dense, telecommunication links may not be as reliable and are much less adapted to the requirements of financial institutions.

That is where SatADSL comes in with specialised  services to support the financial institutions’ remote offices in performing according to their customers expectations. Though traditional VSAT services could offer similar solutions, they are typically much more expensive ” said Jerome van der Putt, Head of Sales at SatADSL.

“Currently, we have successfully equipped over 100 sites for a Money Transfer Company in Cameroon, which has small offices spread over the country to overcome its challenges with reliability and latency to deliver consistent quality service to all their customers. And another Money Transfer Company just started using these services in Ivory Coast so we come into the Ghanaian market with local insights and expertise” he added.

SatADSL has a wide distribution network of highly qualified local distributors, spread over a region spanning from Mali to South Africa, serving an ever increasing number of happy end-users.

Source: GNA

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