G8 leaders told to think outside the box

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Global Race Equality Action Trust, Society and Foundation (Great Trust), has cautioned world leaders at the just ended G8 Summit to think outside the box and see beyond mainstream solutions to global problems.

This, the UK-based think-tank says, will pave the way for credible and effective solutions to the ongoing global economic crises.

A statement signed by Dr Koku Adomdza, President of Great Trust and copied to the Ghana News Agency noted that the global economic crisis is a culmination of decades of unsustainable policy actions, commissions and inactions of the world’s ruling elites.

“Evidently, the application of the traditional solutions to the global economic crises has failed to stabilise, let alone improve upon the precarious economic conditions,” the statement said.

Dr Adomdza said global leaders have prioritised political and civil rights over economic rights, which is the foundation of all human rights, and without which arguably the other strands of rights become limited.

“The global economic recession has attacked above all the fundamental economic rights of citizens from which many have been afflicted, suicides committed, families broken apart, careers and livelihoods dashed, homes lost, ill-health of varying kinds set in.

“That is why it is expedient that the G8 Summit, in the thick of global recession, must evolve around solutions to manifest holistic fundamental human rights, with the fulfilment of economic rights as the bedrock.

“The world is watching and the quality, implementation and outcomes of deliberations and decisions of this historic G8 Meeting at Camp David will be determined by the degree to which they effectively address the fundamental economic rights of majority citizens, central to and holistic concept of fundamental human rights.”

Dr Adomdza said given the harsh realities of one of the severest global economic recessions in history brought on by the policy failures of national, regional and global rulers, both conservative and progressive, it was crucial that the G8 Meeting at Camp David awakened to the effectiveness of their solutions and accountability to citizens who have mandated them into office, based on their electoral manifesto promises to deliver.

“Continued recalcitrance and insusceptibility to creative and innovation ideas harbours a higher probability at isolating the global leadership further from the electorate from whom they source their mandate to rule, complicate and prolong the already complex global economic recession, increasing social strife, hardship and unacceptable assault on the fundamental human rights of citizens,” he noted.

Source: GNA

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