UNDP trains role models on MDGs

Mr Kordzo Sedegah, Economic Specialist at the UNDP, at the weekend said government is developing a Millennium Development Goal (MDG) acceleration Framework, to come out with policies to accelerate the achievement of the goals.

He said Ghana is performing better with the MDGs than some sub-Saharan African countries, although much remains to be done in order to attain the goals.

Mr Sedegah was speaking at a three day MDG workshop organised by the UNDP, in collaboration with Africa 2000 Network and Youth Bridge Foundation, two non-governmental organisations forTV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) 2011 contestants in Akosombo.

The workshop, which was the second in the series for the GMB contestants was facilitate the  training of the beauty queens to become youth ambassadors to educate the public and create awareness on the MDG’s in a bid to contribute to the achievement of the target of the goals.

He said Ghana has been able to attain maximum results in MDG one, two, three, six and eight, although lots of work needs to be done in order to attain MDG’s four, five and seven which are related to sanitation, maternal health and HIV and AIDS.

“It is important to change the way we do things and try as much as possible to implement all government plans in order to achieve the goals by the set date, Mr Sedegah added.

He said the GMB contestants were chosen because they had become role models for people to pay attention to them in order to be educated about the MDG’s.

Mr Sedegah urged contestants to take the opportunity to learn more about the MDG’s in order to stand firm and tall wherever they found themselves.

Source: GNA

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