Ghana Standards Authority to ban used-clothing early 2013

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) intends to implement fully in January next year, the Legislative Instrument (LI 1586) of 1994 which places a ban on the importation of used undergarments into the country.

This has become necessary after the GSA observed that importers of used clothing were still engaged in the importation of used undergarments which had been prohibited by the Ministry of Trade and Industry by the LI.

The banned goods, namely; brassieres, panties, handkerchiefs and singlet according to the GSA, were often hidden among other used clothing like shirts, trousers and jackets in bales making it difficult for them to be detected at the ports.

Mr. Charles Amoako, Director, Inspectorate Division of the GSA disclosed this during a public education forum on the dangers of wearing these used undergarments by individuals in Wa on Friday.

Mr. Amoako stated that the human body was a natural host for many bacteria and users of these used undergarments were therefore highly exposed to various types of skin diseases.

He said the GSA was working hard to stem the importation of these used undergarments through various actions including public education on the dangers of wearing used undergarments, the intensification of market surveillance as well as engagement with stakeholders especially the Association of importers and dealers in used clothing.

Mr. Amoako said additional measures such as swoops with security agencies, to get rid of used undergarments in the markets, inspection of all consignments of used clothing by the GSA before being released at the various ports and entry points and the confiscation of any consignment of used goods found to contain any used undergarments, were being considered by the Authority.

The Inspectorate Division Director said the GSA believed that if all stakeholders worked together they should be able to bring to the barest minimum the importation and clearance of these undergarments in the country.

Mr. Ntim Donkoh, Acting Director for Trade Facilitation at the Ministry of Trade and Industry said the public education forums were intended to empower the people on the dangers of the used undergarments so that they would stop patronising them to discourage the importers.

He said it was also to encourage those involved in the trade to shift to dealing in other goods that had not been banned.

Some of the participants expressed concern about the high prices of brand new undergarments and called on the GSA and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to impress on the government to ensure that prices of these new undergarments were reduced.

Others were concerned about sub-standard goods in the market in general, saying it was the reason why people normally go for such used goods.

They called on the GSA to increase its market surveillance activities to ensure that all goods brought into the country were of the right standard and quality.

Source: GNA

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  1. Jay Llonaire says

    I support the GSA fully, this is a very good step they are taking.

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